Keep America Beautiful

Earth Day is April 22nd of each year, but did you know that the whole month of April is KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL month? Keep America Beautiful (KAB) was established in 1953 when a group of corporate and civic leaders met in New York City to bring the public and private sectors together to develop and promote a national cleanliness ethic. Today, over 700 groups of volunteers celebrate by doing one or more of 10 tips suggested by KAB to help beautify their communities. 

The Bronx Alumnae Chapter supports KAB by hosting the following activities and events:

  • Volunteer Clean Up – Our chapter manages an Adopt-A-Highway location in the South Bronx under the NYC program that allows volunteers to maintain the cleanliness and beautify the aesthetics of local highways.
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle – Our members are committed to improving our environmental footprint by taking the #BeRecycled Pledge
  • Celebrate Earth Day – On Earth Day, the Bronx Alumnae Chapter will host a discussion about the “Brog Fog” to inform Bronx residents of the unhealthy air pollutants in our community and how to work with elected officials to help mitigate them.

NYC Adopt a Highway

Keep America Beautiful – 10 Ways to Take Action