VOTING is our Civic Duty!

October 1, 2018 - 1 minute read


“Civics 101” or “Why You Need to VOTE in EVERY ELECTION.” Local & State elections have real consequences that impact you and your loved ones daily lives.


During this month of October, make sure you are registered vote! October 12th is the last day to register in New York State and your last chance to make sure your voice is heard. We have to flip the house and hold all our legislators accountable. Resist. Register to vote!



Local elections matter!!! The candidates who win the midterm election on November 6thwill impact ever aspect of your daily life. Local politicians can also push for change from the ground up. Learn more here: 



Are you getting others to the polls?  Even though you may not be a politician or be in an organization that has large-scale voter mobilization efforts, you can still help get out the vote. You can call your friends, family, and co workers and encourage them to vote, and you can use your social media to remind people about deadlines and share important information about voting. No effort is too small when trying to get people to vote. If you reach one person, you have made a difference. It’s on us to make a difference!